Why Valtrex

why Valtrex?
One of the most common questions asked by the people who are suffering from infections caused by herpes is What is Valtrex?

This is the right time to get all the answers.

Valtrex is a great medicine which is designed to slow the growth of the herpes virus, but it will not cure it completely. It is only helping your body fight with the infection, and in many cases it is enough because after some time the herpes will disappear. But that is not all this medicine can do since it can also treat infections like cold sores, chickenpox or even genital herpes.

Please note that children younger than 12 shouldn’t take this medication and it is not a good move to give it to kids who are younger than two when it comes to treating chickenpox. People who have AIDS or their immune system is not too strong or they have health issues with their kidneys should consult the doctor who is going to tell them whether it is a good idea to take Valtrex in the first place.

Those are some of the answers to the questions What is Valtrex but for more information, it is necessary to read the next paragraph about all the things you have to know before you start taking this drug.

Are you allergic to Zovirax, or do you have health problems with your kidneys or a liver?

If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t take this medication at all. In most cases, the unborn baby is not gonna suffer if the mother is taking this drug but the herpes virus will be passed to her baby in 50% of the cases.

When it comes to treating genital herpes, pregnant women need to take Valtrex in order to prevent lesions because after the baby is born, the herpes will still cause problems.

Since Valtrex is affecting breast milk, it is only an additional reason why taking this drug while being pregnant is not something most of the doctors would recommend. Taking Valtrex is an important part of the whole healing process and that is why everyone needs to know a thing or two about it.

It is absolutely necessary to take the drug exactly as prescribed by the doctor, not less and not more. After you feel blisters or tingling, you should start taking this medication but don’t be surprised if your health doesn’t improve after a first couple of days.

That is because it takes some time in order for the drug to start doing its “job”. Water is the key ingredient when it comes to taking Valtrex and a patient should always drink the full glass of water every time.